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    help me.......:)
    1. Construct a 4x 16 decoder by using two 3x8 decoders. (use only the block
    2. Draw a block diagram of a D flip-flop and explain its functionality as a 1 bit​
    memory unit.
    3. A memory consists of 16 rows of 4bit cells. Each cell can be addressed uniquely
    by a 4 x 16 memory address decoder. This memory has a RW (Read-Write bar)
    control to activate read write cycles. Draw a block diagram to illustrate the
    memory module having one address bus (4 bit) and one data bus (4 bit). All other​
    necessary control signals must be present.
    4. According to your diagram given in (3), explain how you would store a 4 bit
    number in a given address and retrieve a number already stored in a cell via the​
    data bus
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    Why don't you attempt 1 & 2? Those should not be very hard. After that, see if 3 & 4 aren't easier to see the solutions to.
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    Why do you keep posting the same question over and over?