Decent FM receiver kits

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    It is hard to say anything about the quality without a schematic or info on the used IC's.

    Take a look at this kit from ELV, a german firm:

    I used google for the translation of the text:

    Kit for a RDS radio module with integrated stereo amplifier and with an interface for communication with PC or microcontroller.
    The radio module is based on a microcontroller-controlled PLL receiver chip that also handles the RDS decoding. This allows the construction take place completely adjustment-free and there are by the microcontroller control many features available, found elsewhere only in high-quality car radio or stationary receivers sind.Durch the extremely compact design, the possible Abteilbarkeit the keypad board and the possibility of remote control and the FS20-channel system of ELV is the radio module extremely flexible. It can find, for example, both in a wall panel and in the boat cockpit or in a portable device into place. The very shallow mounting depth allows installation in tight spaces. A jack even allows the connection of an external stereo audio source such as an MP3 player.

    Technical data:
    Frequency Range: 87,5-108,0 MHz
    Vote: automatic scanning (sensitivity adjustable)
    Display: backlit graphics display (2 x 16 characters)
    Radio Data System (RDS): various display modes such as radio text possible
    Operation: 8 buttons (optional detachable and replaceable by any keys)
    Remote Control: Optional (868 MHz, FS20-compatible)
    Interface: Optional USB module connectable (FS20-compatible)
    Amp: Stereo, 2 x 1 W into 8 ohms available on board
    External audio input: any stereo signal source, such as MP3 player
    Other features: signal level display, stereo / mono switch, station presets
    Power supply: DC jack, 8-12 V DC
    Dimensions: 67 x 37.5 mm display board, main board 69 x 29.5 mm, keyboard unit 67 x 26.4 mm

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    Hi Bertus,

    This is the link to the Ramsey kit documentation:

    Unfortunately they omitted the circuit diagram!

    I looked at the link you posted - looks very good, but I am interested in building a circuit with manual tuning, not automatic scanning.

    It seems that you don't seem to get the variety of kits you did in the 60's and 70's - what a pity.
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