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Hello all,

I am putting together a test box and the person who purchased the meters to read voltage for me skimped on the cost.Now I have a couple of meters that I am getting my readings from that are not very accurate and the values are bouncing all over the place. I was wondering what, if anything I could do to resolve this problem? ANY SUGGESTIONS?


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Well, what kind of voltages are you reading? AC? DC? What amplitude?

Maybe the voltages ARE bouncing all over the place?

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I am working with AC voltage 7v is the amplitude the voltages are not that stable coming out of the device but I was hoping that there was some way to smooth it out before it reached the meter.


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What is it that is not stable? Amplitude, frequency, distortion. We need way more information before we can help. Maybe a picture of what the waveform is doing or maybe a beter explanation of why you think something is unstabe. Keep in mind that a common definition of unstable is "exponetial growth without bound". Since the voltage is AC you certainly would not expect it to be constant, it is oscillating, but within some limits.

If the meters have 3 1/2 or more digits then I would expect at least 2 digits to be relatively constant, and the remainder to be "all over the place".

BTW Debouncing applies to the making and breaking of mechanical switch contacts. The meters are just sampled data systems sampling a signal in a non-constant environment.


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We want to help, but as mentioned above send more info, or we can try 20 questions , two meters gives me a clue that perhaps it's a charging circuit maybe a solar cell lash up ? are the meters volts, Amps, Ect. anyway I can't use my exotic mind reading device as my USB dock is full,.