Debounce circuit with D flip flip

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Draw a waveform diagram with inputs D and clk of the Flip-flop and output Q. For the clock input, show two (2) clock cycles with a period of 10 milliseconds and a positive pulse with a width equal to 2 clock cycles. Assume the Arduino Duemilanove clock frequency of 16 MHz. For the D input assume the switch is initially pressed and that the input is at logic zero. Next add the bounce waveform shown Figure 2. The switch bounce should occur somewhere relative to the leading edge of the first clock signal. The exact phase relationship of the switch bounce to the clock edge is left to you, but time scales must be the same between the two (2) inputs. Based on these two inputs to the D Flip-flop draw output signal Q.bounce / figure 2 tried to do this problem. Is this correct? If it is I also need help labeling the time scales.