Dear Experts : Seriously Need your help

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Am Dealing with Aim-Spice simulation software to Model various Organic Electronic Cirucuits( Organic Inverter, Diff Amp, Ring Oscillator, etc ) with OTFT as the basic element, and later wanna implementing them in the Integrated Ckt environment and developing the models for printed electronic devices on flexible Substrates.

The OTFT is model which I am using is " Level - 15 A-Si : H model " present in Aim-SPICE and obtained a match between Simulated and Experimental Result.

But as you all know Organic Thin Film Transistor Models are still in budding stage, as per my knowledge the model am using is the best as the mobility of A-Si and OTFT are nearby, If some one knows another ways of building a circuit for the sake of simulation using OTFT as a basic element, please suggest...........

Thank You.