DC Voltage symbol question

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    I have an old LCD monitor, (A Westinghouse Model: KCM-17v2 SL) with no power supply. I have some old power supplies I can use.
    The symbol on the back of the monitor says DC Input: 19V___ (with a solid line on top), and --- (with a dashed line below) 2.6A. I don't know how to interpret that symbol. I've Googled it, and it just says DC power symbol.

    Is that symbol in any way an indicator of + inside, - outside, or does it simple mean it's a DC device?

    Westinghouse Website had a Users Manuual, but it didn''t help.
    How else can I determines Inside - Outside
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    Use a meter and check both parts of the connector to some internal metal piece(if you can reach them). The ground may be tied in with the internal shielding and will reveal itself this way. Hint: 90% + of these connectors are positive pin, negative shell.
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