DC to DC voltage Doubler

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I have a requirement for 3 stages of a project which I am upgrading.

Stage 1 - Take a 12V 7Ah battery and double the voltage,

Stage 2 - Charge a capacitor with the 24V result of stage 1

Stage 3 - use the stored voltage in the capacitor and send a pulse (min 4msec) using an SCR or Triac or ????.
This stage will need to be repeated up 32 times as 32 different lines will need to have a pulse sent. so 32 individual SCR's etc.

The pulse amps must be more than 800mA.
Most basic Circuits possiable as they need to be robust.

I currently perform this task with just the battery and a lots of toggle switches but the pulse is not as good as it could be, distance can be a problem. Several other systems use the description as above but are very expensive to purchase so I am going to try to build my own. (or try to)

I have approached it in these stages as I can improve the model as I go.

So there you have it any help would be great.

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Looks great thanks for that.
My only question is on the stats page 23 to be exact it states only .6A @ 24V
I require an absolute minium of .8A @ 24V is there some way I can do this with this device. If I can't get the Amps the thing won't go bang.
ps I am fireing fuse heads for (fireworks)

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You have put me on the right track.

LM2588 will do the job I think.
I will invest in the componets tomorrow and see if I can get it working.
The move to stage 2



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No problem. I saw the 5amp one but thought the 3amp would work. Do you read that as not producing 3amp? Oh, BTW I am getting an RSS feed and for some reason did not see your response I'm not sure why. Guess I should check on email notification. :(


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The site that you reffered to him is good but it could only range from a minimum input of 5V to be multiplied or doubled (I saw on that page..). I'm having difficulty with my project., I only have a minimum DC input of 0.6 up to a maximum of 4.5V dc. how can I ever multiply our double its voltage rating?? please help..


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As I understand it ,800mA is firing current and is determined by cap size , charged V, & cap & line resistance, not power supply current rating. Power supply is disconnected from cap. at time of firing? I designed and used cap. discharge "blasters" using early SCR's around 1957.