DC to AC rail splitter


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hi agu,
Running the Amp from the mains transformer as supplied, appears not to have give the TS a problem.
His query is how he can run it from two 18V batteries, he can do this if he follows my posted modification.
Obviously the battery life will be limited, but the running voltage will never exceed +/-18V, so no smoke, fire, exploding 40V caps etc ...;)


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missile villegas

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hi m,
Look over this marked up image clip.
1. Check that rectifier pins, ie: my marked +V goes to the +V pin of the rectifier.
2. My -V marked pins goes to the -V pin of the rectifier.
3. My 0V marked pin goes to the centre junction of the two 19V battery blocks.

IF in doubt ASK!
Thanks bro, you don't even know grateful I am for all the help
I love electronics I'm just no good at it