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    Jul 20, 2013
    I'm not sure what type of switch this would be called so I'll describe it and see what we can think of:

    My project requires two switches each with one input and 4 possible output options. However, these two different switches need to be set up such that each one is always set to the same setting, or by switching the one I switch the other also. So if the options for switch1 are A,B,C,D and switch2 E,F,G,H then whenever switch1 is at A, switch2 is at E, or switch1 is at C switch2 is at G, etc.

    Does that make sense? I guess I am looking for two switches each with one input and 4 outputs that are stacked on top of one another so that by adjusting the one, I adjust the other equally.

    This part isn't as important, but it would be nice if the knob of the switch was similar to that of the throttle of an ATV (a knob with a ~3" stick coming out to the side).

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    As for I understand, you are probably looking for 2 pole, 4 throw switch. If true, you can use the mechanical switch or can design electrinic switchs a s well.