DC Series/Parallel Circuit

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    Jul 8, 2005

    I'm having a problem with DC Series/Parallel Circuits. I have attachted two schematics named problem 1 and problem 2. Problem 1 asked what is the current flowing across R3 in this circuit? Problem 2 asked what is the power consumed by R2 in this circuit. I have looked and looked at these schematics I just can't figure out how they came up with the answers. Can anyone please help.

    Problem 1

    Problem 2

    Thanks In Advance

  2. Brandon

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    Dec 14, 2004
    These are not that diffucult. You just need to make your KVL and KCL equasions for the circuits as you will need to do for every circuit just about.

    Start at the source and do voltage drops around the loop. Vdrop = I*R. All the voltage drops added up should equal the source provided. Then, anyline wire in the same series line always possess the same current. Thats why we have I2+I3=It. Its like a pipe w/ water. If 5 gallons flows per minute in it, no matter how many holes or additional lines you pull off of it, if you measure all the outputs, you will get 5 gallons a minute, same with current.

    For I3

    48v=It*R1 + (R2||R3) * (I2+I3) + It*R4 KVL
    I2+I3=It=1 Amp KCL

    For P2

    48v=It*R1+(R2||R3) * (I2+I3) + It*R4 KVL
    I2+I3=It=1 Amp KCL
    P2=I2 * I2 * R2

    Just plug n solve
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    Jul 8, 2005
    Thanks for the help