DC power supply from AC through bridge rectifier

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Is this consider as stpe by step seperate circuits used to build up a AC to DC power suppply ? I wish it is and I get what my lecturer want so that I didnt waste my time on it. No matter how my friends and I do, always wrong. So I hope that I am correct this time. This is the lab sheet for the project :)

Labsheet :

sorry that it is in Malay ><

Step 1 : Output voltage from rectifier
I manage to get 5.999 from a 6V trasnformer

Step 2 : Rectifier using 4 diodes as bridge
Output voltage meausred from multimeter = approximate 4.6 ( 6 - 0.7x2)

Step 3 : smoothing(adding in a 10uF) Capacitor
Output voltage meausred from multimeter = 5.636V ( why increase from 4.6 to 5.636 ??)

smoothing(adding in a 1000uF) capacitor
Output voltage meausred from multimeter = 7.073 ( why higher ?? Average voltage ?)


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One thing I noticed is that you did NOT change the filter cap size in the last simulation but DID change the load resistance. The lower current demand on the circuit would result in higher output voltage. Since I cannot translate (sorry) the original question, I don't know what the requirement is for success.