dc ot dc converter

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i have a dc to dc converter of 48V input and 24 volt output giving 20 Amp maximum output current , now how can i calculate the current input or drawn by the converter?


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PowerOut = PowerIn / ConverterEfficiency
Vout * Iout = Vin * Iin / ConverterEfficiency
24V * 20A = 48V * ?? / ??

Substitute, isolate the unknowns and solve.


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What is the problem? Is that too complicated?

If you don't know the converter efficiency, you will need to calculate it by:
Efficiency = PowerOutput / PowerInput
You already know the output power requirement, correct? 24v * 20A = 480 Watts.
You already know the input voltage, correct? 48V, right?

So, you need to at least find out one of the two missing variables; input current, or converter efficiency.

If you don't know what the converter efficiency is, then guess low. Estimate 75% to 80%.