dc offset


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I agree that a typical square wave has a 50% duty cycle. I think the case pebe is refering to is important for digital signals where the duty cycle may be anything between 0-100% for a given period. For example:

If the total time period of the digital signal is x

The digital signal is at Vmax for y periods of x

And the digital signal is at Vmin for z periods of x

Where x = y + z

Then the DC offset is calulated by:

(x*Vmax + y*Vmin)/x

This is a general solution of which the one Papabravo gave above is a spcial case where the duty cycle is 50%



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When I asked joka2188 for a few more specifics, I was looking for a confirmation that the square-wave in which he was interested had a 50% duty-cycle.

While all answers thus far provided are accurate, the general case that Dave has provided covers all contingencies nicely.