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I have 1.9 hp dc hoist motor that I am using a converter to ac to dc can anyone tell me what the dc motor amps will pull, so I can get a converter to run it.


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That's about 1.42kW. If the rated motor voltage is known you can calculate the current.
How do you know it's 1.9HP? Is there a plate on it with more informations?


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One HP is something like 750 watts, so you need 1500 watts plus a safety margin of 20% or more, or 1800 watts. When you include some inefficiency in the conversion, you're getting up to some pretty serious wattage. If your mains are 120v, you'll need a 20A circuit, not the usual 15A residential circuit. You didn't mention how you plan to go from AC to DC. It's going to be pricey with that much power.