DC motor speed controlled by temperature

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  1. rahulrox1991

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    Oct 31, 2011
    I am required to make a circuit that controls the speed of a 12v DC motor with change in temperature. I'd be really grateful if anyone could help me with a simple circuit to achieve this objective.

    The other day I came across this circuit on the net. If some one could also explain the working of this one. (Check the link that follows)

    Also, I found this which implements the design for an AC motor. Could I modify this and use it for a DC supply. I can only use a 12V motor though. Also could anyone please guide me as to why the optocoupler and triac is ised here. If a triac is required for a 12v DC motor as well, what should be the rating? I mean which model number? (Check the link that follows)
    http://pecworld.zxq.net/Assets/SOURC...LLED FAN.pdf

    Any new design ideas would also be really appreciable. Thanks in advance
    (Please explain the working of the circuit whatever you suggest since I'll be required to answer all sorts of cross questions in the viva as well :p)
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