dc motor pic project with temperature sensor

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helo, currently im doin 2nd year project which about pc coolant system,consists of DC motor connected to PIC 16f877a, i dun noe anytin bt programming neither circuits, hw can i start with this project, i nid sm guideline, thx


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When posting, imagine yourself as someone who doesn't know anything at all about your project, then write a description that would let one know exactly what they need to know to help solve your problem. (was that a runon sentence? :p)



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In particular, it would be interesting to know why you intend to use a PIC to control the circulation (or fan) motor instead of a thermostat.


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I think it is because the number one recommendation to get anything done anymore is "Just use a PIC". I hear this at school all the time with people..
i am interested in to built temperature controller ( Range:from room temp. to 70 degree celcius temp.) any budy help me? i am a hobbiest 53yrs indian. i also interested in built pic base preamplifier for audio amplifier with different input facility.