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    Nov 19, 2009
    I need a DC Motor for my Eagle schematic, a DC Motor like this one:


    but I couldn't find such a DC Motor when I looked up my Eagle library. Where can I find a ready-to-use component that is created by someone else?

    Many thanks in advance.
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  2. SgtWookie


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    Unless you were planning on mounting the motor on the circuit board, there really isn't a need for a motor symbol in Eagle.

    Just place a connector or a couple of wirepads on the schematic. If wirepads, you can NAME them MOT+ and MOT- so you know which wire pads you need to connect the motors' leads to.

    If you still really want to draw a motor symbol in the schematic, then click on Draw, then Circle, and then make sure you're drawing it on the 94 Symbols layer by selecting the layer in the drop-down box to the left of the "Width" box.

    Then left-click in the schematic where you want the center of the circle and release, and drag until you get the size of circle you want. Do the same for the rectangles. It's really quite easy.

    If you STILL want a motor symbol that someone else has created, download the Sparkfun library from their website, which unfortunately I can't get to at the moment. It's in their Eagle tutorial section at the beginning.
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