DC Motor failed to run on load

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    Aug 29, 2012

    Im using DC motor to run the conveyor but suddenly the armature shows high current 130 A for 30 V power and the speed cant increase anymore. The motor power stated in the name plate is 93.8 KW, Armature voltage is 453 V and Armature ampere is 225 A. The motor can run free load after disconnected from the load but fail to run on load. We have checked the field coil, armature coil and the brushes . The are no insulation damaged since it can be run free load.

    What are the possible causes to the motor that fail to run on load? Is it because not strong magnetism or another mechanical failure?
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    I moved this thread to a more productive area, where you are likely to get better answers.
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    Why are you running the motor @ 30V when the name plate says something different ?
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    Can you put up a picture of the motor nameplate ?? mrmount is right......that sounds an awfully big motor to be running @ 30 volts

    Have you run all the coils and the armature / commutator you listed with a Hi-Pot to frame ? That will show any coil / insulation shortfall that other testing does, only without totally destroying the bad area, leaving some options for repair.

    I have had the privledge of rebuilding large air conditioning motors for the D&H Railroad.
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