dc motor driver using ir2110 and 74hc14

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we have made 3 pcbs of our DC motor driver circuit using IR2110 and SCHMITT TRIGGER.. we have checked this circuit before on vero board and its perfectly working..but on pcb its not working.. the same problem occured in all pcbs..we are not getting desired output on HO..and i m getting 22v pk-pk on one IR2110's HO and 10v pk-pk on other..what is the problem behind that..??is there any problem in copper tracks to handle current??..we have set copper tracks of 40 mils..


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You did not post a schematic.
You did not post the board layout that you used.
You did not post any photos of the faulty boards.
You did not post a complete Bill of Materials list.
My divining rod does not reach from where I am to where you are.

You will need to supply some more information if you wish to obtain a useful reply.