DC motor driver circuit

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Hi all the experts here,

I am the new member in this forum and I am really happy to become one of the members in this big family :D.

Actually, I have some questions here regarding to the DC motor driver circuit. Do you guys know is there any motor driver or motor driver circuit that can receive voltage range of -10V to +10V and produce relevant output voltage with current amplified???

The normal motor driver circuit that I have been using can only sustain 5V to 7V of digital signal. Hence, I would like to ask if there is any motor driver or relevant circuit which can handle analogue voltage and is able to operate between the range that I have stated above.

Please advice. Thank you very much.:p



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Greetings! And welcome to AAC!

The Projects Collection (as opposed to The Projects Forum) is for sharing completed projects. I've moved your post into The Projects Forum, where it will draw more responses.

Good luck with your project!