DC motor double duty?

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    Hi, I have a motorized bicycle with a 6Vdc electrical system, but my new motor won't accept the stator I used to generate the 6 volts. I was looking at small motors I could use as a generator for the 6V system, but came across an incredibly inexpensive 24V 259 watt scooter motor, which would make a great electrical assist if I could get it to work double duty. The cheapest controller i can find with regenerative braking is over $200, which would be more than I can afford, so I hope I can o this without a controller. I can easily switch my system over to 24 volts and I already have a rectifier on the bike. This is how I think I can wire it:

    24 volt battery grounded to frame and wired through a diode to the motor. The motor's ground could be split between one normally closed and one normally open relay, or a single dual channel relay. Then a second positive lead from the motor, through a diode, to the rectifier. DC out of the rectifier, through another diode, back to the battery. The system would be operated by a momentary switch that energizes the relays to open the open the charging circuit and close the drive circuit. It maybe it makes more sense to put the relays on the positive leads, or maybe they should be used on both positive and negetive leads as a failsafe. Will this work? Is there a better way to wire this inexpensively, or would I need to do it differently? Is this even possible?
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