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well im sorta new when it comes to small motors and basicly to all electrical terms when u go into gr8 detail that is. I'm tryin to make a remote control crane and have taken the motors out of 2 identical rc cars to put into the crane. The big question i have is what types of resistors and capacitors and other stuff will i need to make this circuit work. Does anyone know any good charts or reference pages that i can look at or just explain it in an overview? This help would greatly be appreciated. :D the motor has these numbers on the side if they will help ne
RC-260RA and 2485 is underneath them. O btw... how do you kno when u need a capacitor/ and or resistor and what size? does it depend on the motor and curcuit itself? Any help or advice is extremely welcome... thx l8er


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well i dont kno if that made since to u guys or not... so ill try to narrow down my many questions lol.
1) When u are building a circuit u normally need capacitors and resistors right?
2) If so how do u kno which resistor and capacitors to use?
3)Are there any more good sites to better explain the basic knowledge of circuit building?
4) Im buildin a small crane and need to use a small motor for the boom and stuff...what types of motors and circuits do i need to make something like this work.
5) If some1 could provide a simple quick drawin of a small motor circuit that would help alot
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run you motor at the same voltage of your rc car. using or not using a capacitor is rather an option for you. if you use a cap that would help conserve energy from your battery. you may use a 470uf/16v cap.

the resistor is used to limit the current drawn by the motor while running, likewise the speed of the motor. we do not know how much your motor is drawing while running. you would need a multitester to get that value.

as an example: we assume that your motor is run at 6v and it draws 200ma. at full speed. if you want to limit that to 100ma. (half speed) you have to place a 60ohms resistor in series with your motor connection. at quarter speed its 120ohms. Formula Voltage/Current = Resistance E/I = R

what am showing you is the simplest circuit you can make. since it's a crane that you would like to operate you would need an H bridge circuit to run the up & down motion of your crane and this would involve complications in building this circuit.

if this may seem hard for you, a couple of relays will do the trick :)


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If your application is a crane, do you have a mechanism to make sure that your motors can withstand the amount of load you want to handle?

Kind check out for those motors with gear reduction (or geared motors) it can offer you much more torque capacity than ordinary motors used in RC cars.

Some reference you can use based on my post


Those samples circuits I attached, donno if it will be complex for you. Just let me know if you have further questions about it.

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thx 4 the info although i dont quite grasp the concept... i hooked up one of the motors yesterday on 6 AA batts. and it put out aroud 8.3 volts... as u can guess the motor went way 2 fast for me and i need to add i resistor i guess. here are some questions i have if u ould answer plz...
1- What progams do u use to draw up schematics and stuff?
2- Do i hook up the resistor(what size as well) to the positive or negative wire?
3- How do you kno which caps and resistors to use and what formulas do u go about using?
4- What exactly is an H-bridge and are they easy to buy?
5- Any other advice would be good as well?

I'm gonna draw the simple circuit that i have so far and try to look more into this...
thx cyberhehe, i pmed u on the motor controller if u have time to help me...
thx aswell to mozikluv for ur info
i kno thats alot of ?'s :unsure: