DC Link capacitor/filter for single phase inverter

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    Aug 21, 2012
    I am building a H-bridge DC-AC inverter to test the efficiency of new MOSFETs


    I now need to design the actual input filter/capacitor. I know this is required in order to remove the harsh current/voltage spikes that the power supply won't be able to handle. But how do I go about defining values? I know I will need a capacitor in parallel and possibly a resistor/inductor in series.

    I will measure the input power by measuring the voltage across the capacitor and the current through the inductor/resistor. I will then put the system in a calorimeter to measure the power loss and hence efficiency.

    My Dc-Link voltage will be around 750V, and output current through the load will be around 15A RMS @ 50Hz - the switching frequency will be varied from 2.5kHz up to 10-15kHz
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