DC-DC Converter 6v-12v

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  1. cccpppcc

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    Mar 28, 2010
    Hello ,
    I want to make DC-DC converter to have my bike's headlight lit more brighter. Specification is as follows

    Vin 6-8V
    Iin 4-5A

    Vout 13-15V
    Iout 8-10A

    Sorry if I haven't presented my spec in a correct manner. I found some circuits by google, but most of them are not according to the my requirements.Like the Voltage will be as per my requirements but current will be way too low(will be in mA) or vice-versa.
    I have found some circuits, which are up to my requirements but they are way too hi-fi to be used in my bike.

    Could someone please guide me to get simple circuit? I couldn't find much, so I had a doubt whether I am looking for the right thing or not. I am thankful to all for any suggestions or pointers provided.

    Thank you All!
  2. SgtWookie


    Jul 17, 2007
    Well, you have a problem - you want to double the voltage, and double the current. Where are you going to get all of the extra power from?

    Let's just keep things simple for the moment.

    Let's say that you need 14V DC at 8 Amperes

    Let's also say that you could build a DC-DC converter that is 80% efficient, which is fairly realistic (it won't be simple though).

    Let's also say that your input voltage will never drop below 6v.
    So, you will need 14V*8A/6V*80% = 112 Watts/4.8 = 23.333... Amperes input current.

    Since your current supply is only 4A-5A, where do you propose to get all of the extra current from?
  3. cccpppcc

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    Mar 28, 2010
    Right! Got your point.I was totally under some wrong impression.