DC-DC boost converter practical design

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  1. saadia47

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    Nov 6, 2009
    I have designed a boost converter (DC/DC) which steps up voltage from 12V to about 46V. I have used 1mH inductor, 220uF capacitor, and MOSFET with 16KHz switching frequency. I am using a 555 timer to generate PWM control pulses, and putting in about 75% duty cycle.
    Now in next stage I have to connect it with a DC to AC inverter. The inverter is designed using a Full bridge configuration.
    Now the problem comes when I connect the Boost converter whose output is 40V to feed the DC/AC inverter, and the output of the AC voltage comes about half of its input (about 20V AC). I am guessing its due to incorrect impedance match between the two circuitry.
    Does anyone have some idea about this issue? If you need anymore details please ask me.
    Thanks in advance
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    Jul 17, 2007
    Where is your schematic diagram of your circuit? You must have forgotten to attach it to your post.