DC Converters with output voltage greater than 72 Volts

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    Dear Friends,
    Please give your valuable comments and suggestions for developing a dc-dc converter for an output voltage equal to or greater than 72Volts.
    Hybrid electric vehicles need 48/42 Volts DC supply
    Telecom power supplies need 48 Volts DC supply
    So all the applications need a voltage of either 48 Volts of lesser,
    because of the trouble of using an isolation transformer for a voltage greater than 48V dc, so can we develop a DC-DC non-isolated converter with an output voltage of 72 Volts (150 Watts Power) with either a 36/24 Volts (@ 100 Watts power rating) DC battery.
    Please do give your valuable suggestions.
    This topic i felt interesting................Dear Friends i welcome you all for commenting on it.
    Thank you
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    Usually the front end of these supplies are not isolated, just rectified and filtered. This voltage is then switched at high frequency into a transformer to step the voltage down. The high frequency makes the transformer and filter caps smaller than working with line frequency. This provides isolation for safety.