datasheet for Philips VCTCXO

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Hi I am searching for the datasheet of this hi accuracy oscillator.
I have a few of those 10MHz , 1.5ppm oscillators from an older project , but cannot find the datasheet anymore. They where is an philips databook for Quarz devices as I recal, but I lost that book when I moved.

I think the philips part no started with 9922.515 but I am not sure that is from an old partlist
Hoped to find that info on google etc but no success
The info that I have is in attached pictures showing the bottom and top side and a part of the schematic that I had saved in a file.

I hope someone could help me?
xtal osc top_ss.jpgxtal bot_S.jpgschosc.jpg


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Have you applied power and tested it?
Pin-1 GND is on the upper right corner.
Pin-3 +5VDC is the lower left corner.

Use an oscilloscope to determine where is pin-2, 10MHz output signal.

Philips 9522.515 10MHz Oscillator.jpg

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Hi Yes I know they work , the schematic is one of my own from quite some time ago.
I needthe specsheet bcause I got some Questions about a system That we designed in the past and try to answer those.

The accuracy ( I think 1.5 ppm) over time, temperatur and also the environment temps