data transmission through fm transmiter


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I think it's 'Packet Radio', but that was in the BBS days, before internet was public, and 9600 baud modems were fastest you could get...


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Designing and building VHF and UHF circuits has always been and still is a challenging undertaking. The main problems are building stable signal sources that don't drift with time, temperature, and the approach of your fingers. Getting any appreciable power gets increasingly difficult as you increase the frequency. Then as you increase the frequency the propagation distance goes down. So you revert to directional antennas to try and concentrate your signal power. Then the beam gets narrow and you need to aim your antennas with a rifle scope. Then along comes some moisture and your expensive RF deck goes silent because the droplets of water vapor disperse your signal.

Are you sufficiently dissuaded yet from persuing this foolish quest?