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    Jul 14, 2010
    I am new to the form and i am really sorry if this kind of problem has been posted before(In that case, I would be grateful if you could redirect me to that post).

    In a project that i am currently working on(university level), i would like to know the options i have to read and store data on to a memory from a timing circuit.

    Consider, i am trying to build a range finder circuit. I measure the time taken for the reflected wave to reach the receiver. From this i get the distance. Now i would like to store this distance on to a memory, so that i can later use it to transfer it to a comp.

    What options i got? Any places i can get help on this.

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    Well, depending on the uC you are using, you can use On-board memory.

    You can us external memory like a SD card, or FLASH memory, or EEPROM.

    If you want to be able to remove the memory and download it easily to a PC, the SD card is fairly easy.

    Just like a digital camera, you can pull the card out and pop it into the PC to get the data. That is pretty easy to impliment these days. Most uC (microcontrollers) have SPI protocol built in to talk to the SD card. After that it is pretty easy.

    So your choices are:

    Internal Memory (Whatever the uC you are using has available)
    External Memory (EEPROM, FLASH, SD Cards)

    Google searches on these topics will reveal a wealth of information.