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    Design a microprocessor based data logger. The Data logger comprises of a 8 bit A/D converter which converts the analog data to digital at a rate which is specified by the user.The value is between 1 to 255, which corresponds to a sampling rate of 1ms to 255ms.The number of samples to be taken and the sampling frequency is to be specified by means of a keyboard,which is interfaced to the syste.The average value of every last 5 samples taken are displayed on seven segment display.Design the necessary hardware for implementing the above task........
    please help me out.:confused::confused::confused:
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    Why don't you give it a try and let us know you are having trouble. Since this is "homework" you had to have had some background information in your class.
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    No one here is going to do your assignment for you. But they will help. What do you have so far and where are you stuck.

    I will help you get going. You need to go to website of the uc you are going to use and find one that will work for you. For example; Microchip has controllers that have 8 bit or 10 bit a/d converters. You need 8 bit.

    You can probably handle the communications via a serial connection, but if you need usb you will need one with that uart. Also pick one with enough i/o ports to handle your communications, 7 segment display, etc.

    Give the people here more information and they will gladly help.
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    Apr 15, 2011
    thank you so much ....i m so glad for such overwhelming response....
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    Sir, that kind of response is not called for. We are not a service to give you what you want.

    AAC is an attempt to fill in areas in electronic education that may be difficult for an individual to understand. Giving us a list of requirements and expecting someone here to jump to it is quite insulting.

    The assignment is yours. If we did it, would you tell your instructor to give us the grade, or would you take full credit? The work has to be yours. The assignment covers things you should have learned in class, so the worst part might be in looking for hardware.
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