Data extraction from blood pressure monitor

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Hi there,

I'm trying to extract the data that a certain blood pressure monitor produces in order to manipulate the data on a PC.

It's called a Rossmax AW150f monitor, and I do have the user manual for it. The device seems to have a couple TP pins on back (see the image), and data & ac inputs/outputs on the side. It seems to me like the TX/RX pins are connected to the data output (which looks like a headphone jack) on the side (see the other image). Sadly the user manual doesn't give any instruction on how to use the data link. I think it is probably for connecting to a calibration unit, which communicates with the device serially.

Any ideas on how to extract data from the device? What are TP pins? I tried connecting a scope to TX to see if anything was transmitting while the device was measuring my blood pressure, but didn't see anything.

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TP=test point (typically) used for troubleshooting the PCB components during assembly/operation issues at the factory.
You probably have no chance of getting data from that device.


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The "data" line is probably for calibration. You might ask the supplier, who should at least explain how that works, since they sell an accessory for it. Beyond that, in my experience it's tough to find anyone that knows anything about the circuitry AND is willing to talk about it.


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hmm that doesn't sound like such encouraging news :/
Can't expect much from a cheap portable bp monitor.. Just a sensor/micro/display basically.

You "might" be able to just tap into the sensor line and get some usable data.. but scaling of the sensor values are done in the micro.