Data converter for new LCD

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Greetings everyone!

Newbie here and was hoping for some expert help from you all.
I have a freakishly old unit with a 12x40 plasma char display. This display, simply put, is not displaying anything anymore, and of course they have not been produced in over 15years.

Anyway, my conundrum is if I attach another type of display, with the same interface (read: pin assignments), could it work?
Is it possible to build a simple converter that take the old 8bit data code and translates it into the equivalent code for the new display?
For instance receives 0x0C from the MPU, for the old display, and converts it into 0x0E (made up, don't have a new display yet) before transmitting to new display.
How would you do?

And preferably not rebuild the whole unit since some parts are hard to find even in China.

Any hints, tips, tricks etc. would be appreciated.

Best regards,