Dan-Sound AV15 MKII Casette player projekt

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Im doing this projekt with a friend because he got a hold of this Dan-Sound AV15 MKII Casette player.
We want to try and build an iPod dock into it instead of the cassette player.

I have attached pictures, where you can see the brown PCB wich i'm pretty sure is the amplifier, and you can see the green PCB which is the cassette player.

Now, my question is, which wires coming from the green PCB is the output of the cassette player?? (in short: i need to find the input of the amp)

It's a long shot, but maybe some of you know this device, or maybe can tell me how i can figure it out :)

Thanks in advance!


ps. i can take new pictures if you want to see more or closer.


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Shielded cables should be used to connect audio signals.

If this is a dual channel system then the two brown cables with the black heat shrink are the audio cables. The white centre wire is the signal and the black ends are the ground connections.

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A speaker with 2 speakers in it. A midrange and and treble unit, with a crossover inbetween.

Sorry im wrong, there is only one speaker. Mono sound output. But maybe the stereo signal is just mixed.