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Hello all,

I cudn get hold of a book or any site that gives me any details on damping.
Can someone tell me about-

1.Is there damping(underdamped/over/critically) in dc circuits?But shudn there be frequency for damping to take place..........

2.can someone suggest a site i might get these infos from...


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You may be having a problem finding literature on the subject because it's not very current.

As I understand the term, dampling refers to sero circuits. As such, it is equally applicable to AC and DC circuits. The most (to me) familiar example of a sero circuit is in an analog chart recorder. If dampling was correct, the pen moved to the new position accurately, with no overshoot (underdamped) or hesitation near the new position (overdamped).

In pure electronic circuits, think of the servo loop in an audio power amp that returns the output voltage to zero when no input signal is present. If the servo is underdamped, the speakers tend to have a low frequency output - it's usually subaudible, and is refered to as "breathing". Overdamped amps will have problems with crossover distortion, where the output voltage doesn't want to pass through zero cleanly.

You might find some reference to dampling in material dealing with electronic servo circuits.


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"Finally, some technicians have been known to use square waves in audio troubleshooting. The step response of the amplifier will show if the is a loss of HF or LF responses by observing the output."

likewise triangle waves are also used. :D :D