Daisy chaining headphones

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    Sep 18, 2009
    Hello folks,

    I am building a set of daisy chaining headphones to transmit from one pair of headphones to another through Infrared in real-time. When I say real-time I mean that suppose I m listening to some good music which I would like to share, I simply connect this device to my music player and my headphones on the other side of the device. This device will enable me to listen the music and simultaneously transmit it to my friend who would have an identical device and a pair of headphones. So basically my design is that device and one can attach any headphones to it (as long as it is 3.5mm jack).
    The circuit I am building has to be simple due to time and money constraints. We are stuck on a few things like :
    (1) What kind of amplifier should we put ? and which side, transmitter or receiver ?
    (2) How should we do noise filtering ? What circuit we should use for that ?
    (3) Do we need modulation ? We are going to use the device to transmit music only.

    We want to include a unique selling point to our device. I was thinking if we could store some music to play later or transmit to another device later. Any thoughts on this ?

  2. wayneh


    Sep 9, 2010
    Very ambitious project. IMHO, you'll find nothing but disappointment trying to use IR for this. I don't think you'll have enough a) range or b) bandwidth to make you happy. Trying to focus the IR beam will help with A and B, but will require fidgety positioning of the communicating devices, in order to get the beam just right between them.

    And then there's the problem of needing an audio amp on the receiving end. Any cheap-and-easy amp will sound ... cheap. I think that getting your audio source to modulate the transmitting IR diode is relatively easy, but getting the audio back out and sounding decent on the receiving end would be a challenge.

    Re-tasking an old baby monitor ($2? at a garage sale?) might get you a lot farther a lot faster.