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I want to convert an 8-bit digital parallel signal using AD558 to analog. The 8-bit signal comes from an A/D converter that converts voltage of a temperature sensor. So the voltage keeps changing and so is the 8-bit signal. So basically, I convert an analog signal (voltage, keeps changing without particular order) from a sensor using A/D converter. Then the resulting parallel 8-bit is converted again into analog using AD558, a D/A converter which takes 8 parallel bits and produces voltage. That's basically the theory I have in mind now.

I'm wondering on one issue. The 8-bit parallel signal keeps changing every second. Are all the 8 bits of one particular data arrive at the AD558 at the same time? I mean, is there a possibility that the current 8 bits will be mixed up with the incoming 8 bits (since the voltage keeps changing, so there are different combinations of 8-bit data coming into the AD558)?

Or is it just as simple as connecting an A/D converter which produces 8-bit parallel then connect the A/D to the AD558?

Any theoretical explanation are really appreciated.


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Yes, there are analog to digital converters that have parallel outputs. And usually there are signals that will let you synchronize the A to D conversion end to start the D to A conversion beginning.

The question is: why go to all the trouble? The output from the temperature sensor is already analog in nature. Digitizing it and then converting it back to analog seems like busywork. If the temp sensor is used as an input to a computer/microprocessor, that's fine. But it seems so much easier to keep the original signal in analog form for the other (?) application.