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    any help please

    Design in Orcad a three phase /single phase Cycloconverter fed from a supply whose voltage is 380Vrms (line-line) and 60Hz. Each supply voltage has a series inductance of 5mH. The converter is supplying a resisitive load of 50 Ohm. If the output voltage is to have a frequency of 6Hz, then:
    1) Show the converter topology
    2) Show the gate signal of each thyristor,
    3) Plot the output voltage
    4) Show the frequency spectrum (FFT) of the output voltage and measure the peak of the fundamental component (magnify the figure for low frquencies), what is its value and frequency??.
    5) Show the effect of varying alpha on the magnitude of the fundamental voltage in the frequency spectrum. (draw a table for 4 values of alpha versus the peak of the fundamental voltage). How far are these values from the expected calculated values? why there is a difference?
    6) Design a low pass filter (capacitive) at the output, which attenuates higher harmonics, then plot the output voltage after using such a filter at a particular alpha.