Cyclic led dimmer

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first post here, i'd like to have your advice on a small project i am conducting which requires that about 20-30 leds in parallel dim automatically and all together from a no light status up to their maximum brightness, then do the opposite and start again.A full light cycle from OFF to MAx ON to OFF again should be about 20-30s long.

Something like a saw-blade shaped pattern ( down to up then down again then up etc) intensity-wise: _-°-_-°-_
i can't ascii-draw this because the format gets lots when i post.

Have you guys any direction to offer me? I cannot use a programmable PIC.
Are there, by any chance, any ready made IC that can cycle power/current outputs in such a fashion?

Thanks a lot for your kind help!

Ian :cool:
Probably the most versitile IC chip ever, the 555 timer, will provide you with the basic signal that you want. Using a transistor, you can amplify the drive current on the timing capacitor as you like. There are many references on this kind of circuit. Go to Gooooogle and type in 555.


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Use PWM !
If you use current dimming instead, as eJoe suggests, the LED's will vary in color temperature, most notably if they're white.

Scroll down to: "Fading Red Eyes" on this page for a useable circuit

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Hi guys,

thanks a million for your help!
Thanks a lot for that page soren, i'm sure i'll find great inspiration from it and the fading eyes circuit is as simple as it can get ; perfect! :D