Cutting PCBs

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This is kind of unrelated to transfer methods but has anyone else found that running a board backwards on a table saw is an excellent method to trim pcbs? By backwards I mean push it through in the direction of the blade rotation. (Climbing Cut)


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Another way to cut 1.6mm FR4 is a tile saw...

They are like a small table saw with a special blade, and have a water feed to the blade to keep dust down. Quite cheap from any hardware store. Fibreglass dust is not good for you, and FR4 will dull standard blades quickly.

Another advantage is that the blade on the tile saw is not toothed, it has an abrasive edge and will not lop your finger off if you contact it.

I mentioned in Bill's PCB making thread that I tend to use 0.8mm FR4 whenever possible as you can cut it easily with shears, it's just so much easier to work with and also goes through a laminator a lot easier :)


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There have been some other threads on the subject. I personally use a file or a knife to deburr the material.

Be very careful cutting the material. The dust is toxic, not chemically but it is finely ground glass. Long term damage to your lungs is not reversible, even if it is not fiber glass but some sort of epoxy.


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I use different type of cutting gears.

The 0.5mm boards I just cut with an ordinary kitchen scissors.
Else I use either:

Band saw
Table saw
Metal scissors
Utility knife

When the board is roughly cut, I grind the edges with sandpaper. Cutting and grinding is done outside, or in my garage.


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If the board is actual fiberglass and not plastic, a heavy-duty paper cutter works better than you'd expect, too.