Cut-off or Corner Frequency

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HI everyone, i really really need your help guys, we are about to do a small signal amplifier, but i need to know what coupling and bypass capacitor to use,so in order for me to solve it i need to know the corner or cut-off frequency to be used base on this formula :

Ce2 = 1/(2*pi * FL * Xce2)

pls help me guys,how will i get the frequency??,,,,

thank you in advance..


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One capacitor in the signal circuit reduces the output -3dB (x 0.707) which is called the cutoff frequency. Two capacitors (an input capacitor and an output capacitor) cause a reduction of -6dB so their values must be doubled for the entire amplifier to have the required low cutoff frequency.
The formula for frequency is 1/2 x pi x RC.