Current to voltage converter used to short out or include solar cell in circuit

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    Apr 27, 2009
    I'm working on a project for class. The project requires a certain level of difficulty.

    The idea:
    A system that would theoretically monitor the current through EACH solar cell in a Photovoltaic panel to ensure it wasn't shaded or defective.(For those that don't know, when a solar panel is shaded it essentially turns into a resistor and/or open circuit) If the cell was shaded, my switching relay circuit would bypass the the cell all together so the rest of the cells could add in votlages (minus the shorted SHADED cell) and output some sort votlage.

    I'm was hoping to use some-sort of circuit or sensor in parallel so the output of the solar cells could be used.

    Now you may be saying, why not just use a phtosensor. Well this is a final project for college and the circuit needs to be a bit more complex than a photosensor, opamp, transistor, and relay.

    For example:
    ----Panel1 (.5v)----Panel2 (.5v)----Panel3 (.5v)----
    So total voltage out would be 1v instead of 1.5v due to the .5v being shaded and bypassed.

    Block Diagram coming soon.