Current to Voltage Conversion

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    i also trying to use RCV420 to convert 4 to 20ma to 0 to 5v. i have 4to20ma source which i will give to my circuit.
    what i want to ask u that if internal resistor is provided then it is necessary to connect one more resistor? we can not give directly input to 1 and 3 pin?
    in my circuit i have shorted the 2nd and 1st pin . i have given +input to 3rd pin if RCV420 and negative wore coming from source to 1+2 pin of rcv420.
    10 and 12 pin is shorted.13pin is grounded.4pin =-15v and 16pin= +15v. output voltage taken from 14 pin w.r.t gnd.
    Is it ok?
    i get a output with 0.36v error.
    i dont understand what i do with ref in,rcv com,rcv fb,pin and minimize this error?

    thanks and regards
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    Hello swapnali,

    The original thread you replied onto was 6 years old and the chances you would get a reply by the OP were slim, let alone that this is a new question.
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