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Why the current tester does not indicate flow of current when tested in neutral line under load?..(try this by placing the tester on the neutral lead of the plug when current is flowing to the load, it is possible when the leads are not plugged completely)..
I knew that this is a silly question.....please clear my doubt...


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If the tester is a voltage detector, of the sort that depends on the potential between the line and the operator's hand (which should be closer to ground potential), it is normal to get an indication from the live only.

Please explain what kind of tester you are using. How do you connect it to the plug, just by touching one terminal, and holding the other end of the tester?


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Please post make and model number of your tester, or a link to the product page where it was purchased from.

We will be able to give much clearer answers once we know exactly what you are working with.