Current sensor wiring help needed

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Can someone please help me wire this current sensor, I am not sure what the symbols mean on A1. B1, & A2? I am wanting to build a circuit to plug multiple power tools such as a table saw, chop saw, & sanders into to automatically turn on the vacuum when I start the tool and turn off after a timer delay after the stop. I have a timer, and contractor that will be in the circuit also. I'm an old retired hammer mechanic (millwright), who knows just enough about electronics to be dangerous,. Thanks in advance for your help.



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Referring to the current sensing relay (IMG_1976) connect the incoming mains line to terminal A1. Connect terminal B1 to the live connection on the socket that will supply the power tools. Connect the mains neutral to the neutral connection on the socket that will supply the power tools and also to terminal A2 on the current sense relay. assuming the timer is triggered by closing a contact use terminals 15 and 18 to control the timer.