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    Mar 8, 2010
    Hi guys,

    Anybody of you please review my circuits for a current measurement project based on rogowski coil.
    Part 1 - Rogowski coil
    Using standard coil giving output 1mV - 100mV ( for current range 50A - 150A load current @ 50Hz)

    Part2 - Protection Circuit
    using diode- Attached the circuit.Please review it. How do we put values for components?
    Part3 - Amplifier
    Using differential amplifier(for reducing common mode noise) with gain 100.Attached the circuit.Please review it.
    Part3 - Integrator
    Attached the circuit
    Part4 - Filter
    Attached the circuit
    Part5 - Clamper
    Attached the circuit
    Part6- ADC & controller
    using PIC micro controller

    Please review the circuits I attached. How do we put values for each components?