Current in neutral conductor to phaser diagram help..

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    Apr 7, 2011
    Hi All,
    Doin a practice exam & im stuck at the point of drawing a phasor diagram (Dont know where I get my angles from, or exactly how to draw)

    Q1) A distrubition transformer is supplying an unbalanced load at an install. The loads on the 3 phases are as follows:
    My attempt so far

    Pol( 140|_ 30(deg) = Rec( 121.2 j70
    95|_-165(deg) = Rec( 91.8 -j24.6
    68|_ 120 (deg) =Rec( -34 j58.9

    Rec( 179 j104.3

    Converted to Pol( = 207.17 |_ 30.22 (deg)

    1b) Draw a phasor diagram of all the voltages & the neutral current. Include the phase angle of the neutral current.

    This is where im stuck, how to calculate all my phase angles & draw the phasor diagram......
    Help explaining the process would be much appriciated guys...thx