Current Flow

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a) What is the current through the R1 resistor?
b) If R2 has been changed to 10Kohms, Calculate the current I1 now.
c) If I1 = 1 microamps is required when R2 is 10kohms, determine the value of R1

i need some refreshing on my circuits and can anyone help me with my hw

for the first question (a) would the following work? :

I1 = V/R1

10v/1kohm = 10mA

for question (b) would the following work? :

I1 = V/ R2+R1


thank you very much :D


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Leave R1 out of circuit. Look at the potential between the points it connects to and think about what happens when R1 goes back in circuit. Make the change for R2 and look at what has happened to the potential between those points again.