Current Divider Problem, Can't Solve

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    Jul 12, 2011
    Hey all, I'm stuck on this current divider problem. It's just killing me, I've been trying to solve it for an hour and a half now. I've combined and uncombined the circuits in about all the ways possible but I just can't get the right answer. Can someone help me out?
    Here's the problem setup:

    Is: 14.25 mA R1= 71k ohms R2= 21k ohms R3= 4k ohms R4 = 65k ohms R6= 31k ohms R7 = 34k ohms and R8 = 76k ohms

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    Mar 6, 2009
    Start by lumping R3,R4,R6,R7 & R8 together as a single value.

    This value is 68.834k

    R1 & R5 play no part in the current distribution.

    So I2=14.25mA*68.834/(21+68.834)=10.919mA.

    Now find the current in R4 since you know I2.

    You then look at the current division of the current in R4 between the parallel combination R3||(R6,R7 & R8 combined) to deduce I3.

    And so on ....
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    Post your work ....