current directions in rectifier circuits

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    The current direction described in rectifier is wrong...The actual flow of current is in the reverse direction of that given...Current flows from higher potential to lower potential...i.e current flows from positive pole of the source to the negative pole of the source...I hope u will correct..if iam wrong please correct me...
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    Can I ask to which diagram you are referring? Thanks.

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    OK, here is the correction. Current does not flow. It exists, with a direction and a magnitude, but it does not flow. It is charge that flows. Current is charge flow. When you say current flow, you are saying "charge flow flow". You do not want to talk that way, do you?

    Mathematically speaking, most folks use the convention that all charge carriers are positive, so the current direction is from higher to lower voltage. That is called conventional current, and it is useful because it gives an answer without regard to the polarity of the charge carriers. It is physically correct for positive charge carriers like positive ions, holes, positrons, etc. The real direction is opposite for negative charge carriers like electrons. So the real physical direction of current depends on the polarity of the charge carriers.

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    i refer to the Full-wave bridge rectifier from this link

    i got transformer step-up 240V to 7kV ac...n i want to convert it to dc output...i used the circuit as mention above....i dun know what the diode is rated...but i got low dc voltage output...about 900 V dc only....

    can u suggest any solution to convert it without using high voltage rated...coz is hard to get the HV diode at my country ...thanks
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    If you're having a technical issue you really need to register and ask in Chat forum or Projects forum. This forum is meant to correct the book. I've looked at it, and can't see any problem.

    Are you talking about this image?


    It is correct.

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    If you read the the diagram title it does state that the arrows are indicative of "electronc flow", and I concur with Bill that the diagrams are correct as given. You may want to read this section of chapter 1 which gives a treatise of conventional versus electron flow.

    Can I ask that you follow Bill's advice regarding registering if you want some help, this part of the forums really is for feedback and suggestions on the e-book material. Post up in the General Electronics and I'm sure someone will give you all the help you need. It is free and takes 2 minutes. Thanks.