Crystal Controlled Oscillator

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  1. TerryM

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    Jul 19, 2009
    Hi There

    I am in the process o building a TriStar L1011 flight simulator. I need to drive a Haydon aircraft clock with a 60 HZ 2 phase oscillator shifted by 90 degrees. The electronics circuits within the clock requires 2 square waves inputs shifted by 90 degrees. I have acheived the first part by using 2 by 4013B cmos circuits which by selecting the correct outputs gives me two outputs of 60 Hz shifted by 90 degrees with a input frequency of 480 Hz (480/4 ). I need help on getting a accurate crystal oscillator that gives a 480 Hz output after division using a readily available crystal frequency. I have been able to get the clocks working using a Ne555 astable with a output of 480 Hz but accuracy leaves alot to be desired.

    Regard Terry
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    Nov 6, 2005
    try a 12MHz crystal or osc module, divide by 25000.